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Introducing Agarwal TMT Industries Pvt. Ltd., a leading steel (TMT Bars) manufacturing facility in Ranesar village near Ahmedabad, committed to delivering high-quality products for the industry. Our mission aligns perfectly with the Make in India campaign, emphasizing excellence in all inputs and supporting vital infrastructure projects that demand reliable performance.

Powered by State-of-the-Art Technology, our production unit fulfils the nation’s aspirations and raises construction industry standards with revolutionary VIBRANT-TMT Bars (BIS: 1796:2008 Certified). Backed by industry veterans, With four decades of global presence and expertise in steel rolling mill technology.

Quality Guarantee

Uncompromising quality backed by excellence, delivering confidence and success to every

Secure Transport

Trust our careful handling and safeguard measures, guaranteeing your goods’ safe and damage-free delivery.


Rely on our dedicated support team, always available to address your concerns and provide assistance when needed.

Smart Warehouses

Tech-driven warehouse: automation, optimized processes, and real-time tracking for efficient inventory management and logistics.



Dedicated Manpower

"Dedicated manpower refers to a committed and specialized workforce focused on specific tasks or roles within an organization."

Strategic Warehouse

"Strategically located storage for efficient TMT bar distribution, catering to diverse markets and construction projects in the business."

Manufacture Unit

"High-capacity manufacturing unit producing 1,50,000 MT annually, specializing in top-quality TMT bars for diverse construction needs."

End-to-end handling

"Comprehensive end-to-end handling services, ensuring seamless production, quality control, and distribution of TMT bars for construction industry."

Advance Technology

"Incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance TMT bar production, delivering superior strength and durability for modern construction solutions."

Skilled Worked Force

"Empowering TMT bar business with a skilled workforce, adept in precision manufacturing, ensuring top-notch quality and meeting industry demands."

What do We offer?

Made in India

"Vibrant TMT, proudly Made in India, redefines industry norms by fusing innovative designs, artistic aesthetics, and functional brilliance in every product."


Unparalleled durability, precision-crafted with advanced technology and top-quality materials, built to withstand time and harsh conditions.


Vibrant TMT's visionary Quality approach ensures strict adherence, premium materials, and cutting-edge testing, redefining industry standards.


Epitome of trust in steel industry, exceptional performance, stringent quality control, cutting-edge tech, and skilled experts ensure reliability.

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Happy Customers
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Why Choose Vibrant TMT

Premium Imported Raw Material
Supreme Quality
Resistant to Corrosion
Enhanced Flexibility

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