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Steel in the Past, Vibrant TMT for Future.

Introducing Agarwal TMT Industries Pvt. Ltd., a leading steel (TMT Bars) manufacturing facility in Ranesar village near Ahmedabad, committed to delivering high-quality products for the industry. Our mission aligns perfectly with the Make in India campaign, emphasizing excellence in all inputs and supporting vital infrastructure projects that demand reliable performance.

Powered by State-of-the-Art Technology, our production unit fulfils the nation’s aspirations and raises construction industry standards with revolutionary VIBRANT-TMT Bars (BIS: 1796:2008 Certified). Backed by industry veterans, with four decades of global presence and expertise in steel rolling mill technology.

VIBRANT-TMT embodies the relentless drive, innovation, and unwavering commitment to Quality. We prioritise the environment and stakeholders, ensuring a balanced approach that benefits all. Our social, national, and general commitment drives us to invest resources in building a better future for everyone.

10 years
of experience

Throughout history, Steel has stood as the backbone of iconic structures, from the enigmatic Pillar of Delhi to the majestic Eiffel Tower, the San Francisco Bridge to the London Eye, and the adventurous Disneyland roller coasters to grand skyscrapers worldwide. Despite its immense potential, Steel faced challenges like corrosion and limited strength for certain purposes.

An Innovation that Transcends: TMT bars have redefined the value of Steel, addressing its shortcomings and elevating it to new heights. Vibrant TMT honours the steel masters who shaped architectural and cultural history through this extraordinary material.

Pledging Excellence: With unwavering focus, cutting-edge technology, and a dedicated team of experts, Vibrant TMT strives to reach unparalleled standards. Our journey is interwoven with history, and we are committed to creating a legacy that stands the test of time.

Vibrant TMT bars are produced at a fully automatic, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a capacity of 1,50,000 MT per year. Our high-quality TMT bars undergo strict quality checks to ensure continuous excellence. 

Our plant is well-equipped with advanced machinery, including an automatic cooling bed, to ensure efficient production. Under the supervision of a highly experienced manufacturing team, we guarantee top-notch Quality. Our management systems streamline processes and create a safe and environmentally friendly production environment, ensuring consistently high performance. Innovation remains at the heart of our strategy, offering enhanced efficiency and customization for our valued customers’ satisfaction.

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Premium Imported Raw Material
Supreme Quality
Resistant to Corrosion
Enhanced Flexibility

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"Vibrant TMT exemplifies unwavering commitment to durability. Utilizing advanced tech and premium materials, our steel bars endure time and environment. Rigorous testing ensures exceptional tensile strength and structural integrity, setting new standards."


"At Vibrant TMT, visionary leaders uphold a strict quality ethos from equipment selection to production stages, using top-tier billets. Rigorous testing in advanced labs ensures industry-redefining, premium steel, guided by Quality Management Systems."


"Vibrant TMT epitomizes trust as steel industry pioneers. Upholding high standards, our bars offer unwavering performance. Stringent quality control in advanced facilities ensures consistent batches. Expertise and innovative tech bolster product reliability."

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